Watch our product specialist explain how our PRO18V™ Brushless Technology works.
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3 industry leading technologies
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Proflux™ Brushless Motor
  • Up to 50% longer runtime vs brushed motors
  • More compact vs brushed motors
  • The PROFLUX BRUSHLESS Motor is equipped with a super strength natural Neodynium magnetic field. This improves the tools runtime time as a magnetic field is created naturally not electronically which can drain valuable battery power.

  • A large fan self cools the motor to improve efficiency and performance under extreme application load.

Coretek Intelligence

CORETEK Intelligent Electronics constantly monitors the tools performance and communication between the PRO Li-ion battery pack and the PROFLUX motor to deliver constant speed and power.

  • Moisture Protection - Coretek Intellegent Technology is specially coated for added protection against mositure and water ingress. This prolongs the tools life and ensures constant speed and performance in even the toughest of conditions.
Pro Lithium-Ion™ Battery
  • THERMAL OVERLOAD PROTECTION Protects over heating
  • CURRENT OVERLOAD PROTECTION Protects over loading
  • INDIVIDUAL CELL MONITORING Protects over/under charging