31pcs 25mm Ballistic Screwdriver Bits


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  • 30 x 25mm Ballistic Impact Rated Screwdriver Bits (1 x PH1, 3 x PH2, 2 x PH3, 1 x PZ1, 3 x PZ2, 2 x PZ3, 1 x HEX3, 1 x HEX4, 1 x HEX5, 1 x HEX6, 3 x TX15, 4 x TX20, 4 x TX25, 2 x TX30, 1 x TX40), 1 x Magnetic Impact Rated 60mm Bit Holder
  • Impact Rated 25mm Screwdriver bits ideal for impact drivers and repeat screwdriving applications such as decking. Also suitable for everyday screwdriving applications
  • Ballistic impact bits offer up to x30 more life than standard quality bits. Bits are specially hardened to withstand high torque output
  • Tip design delivers the best fit into fasteners, preventing the tip of bit from slipping out of the screw head. The Torsion Zone flexes to absorb torque impact during demanding screwdriving applications.

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